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Buzzy beyond shots

Buzzy is an award-winning device proven to decrease needle procedure pain. Now, Buzzy’s vibration and cold are available for arthritis aches, pokes, and even electrolysis and eczema itching! If you can buzz it better for shots, aches and itches are a snap!

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Soft Drinks and Oral Health

Soft drinks are a part of modern life and are available almost anywhere you go. According to National Soft Drink Association statistics, Americans consume roughly 600 12-ounce servings of soda per year. All this soda guzzling does come with a price and it appears the effects of soda on teeth are not so appetizing. The

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Dental Flossing Can Reduce Future Dental Costs

Did you know that simple flossing, when done daily, can save you money? It’s true; flossing at least once a day not only removes food lodged between your teeth, but also protects your teeth and gums from damage and future dental costs. Just ask any dentist from California, to Maine to your local Santa Fe

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ADA Toothbrush Storage Guidelines Following Fecal Coliform Study

What’s on YOUR toothbrush? Have you ever considered that a likely answer to this question is……… POOP??!!!! Yes. That’s right. The contraption you put in your mouth everyday to clean your teeth can harbor some pretty nasty bacteria; one of the most likely contaminants being fecal matter. According to a recent study done at Quinnipiac

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