PRO-SYS Electric Toothbrush

PRO-SYS Electric Toothbrush


The brilliant minds at PRO-SYS developed the VarioSonic Sensitive Electric Toothbrush for people that suffer from having sensitive teeth and gums.

This technological dental solution provides a dentist-like cleanse, with no irritation, from the soft yet powerful brush heads.

These Highly Effective Brush Heads are Included:

V105 Feather Soft: Designed for gentle cleaning power.

V200M: Normal Soft: For those without gum problems. (This brush most nearly matches ‘normal’ soft toothbrushes.)

V110: Ultra Soft: Stiffer than our V105 Feather Soft, yet still remarkably gentle.

-ADA Accepted & 1-year warranty
-The widest assortment of replacement brush heads
-Five effective brushing modes
-Extended battery life: up to 30 days before charging

Whether you suffer from gum problems or have a healthy mouth, this state-of-the-art dental health toothbrush will deliver high-quality cleaning for maximum oral health.