Family Dentist Santa Fe

Advantages of Having a Family Dentist in Santa Fe

Family Dentist in Santa Fe 

There are many advantages to having a  family dentist in Sante Fe to meet your dental needs. Think of it as one-stop shopping. The ease of making all of your appointments with one dentist will provide you peace of mind. El Dorado Dental provides a welcoming comfortable family atmosphere.

 Family dentists understand how children’s teeth change as they age. And they are also aware that many kids may fear going to the dentist. Great family dentists have a gentle approach that helps kids create positive memories associated with going to the dentist, which will promote lifelong dental health.

Dr. Haley Ritchey, the dentist at El Dorado Dental, has been passionate about working with children and families since 2005. El Dorado Dental also offers a full line of general dentistry services to address adult teeth as well as; crowns, bridges, and tooth-replacement options such as dental implants or dentures.


Family dentistry can address oral health at every stage of life. Adults have very different dental needs than children. Having a qualified family dentist deliver comprehensive oral care for your entire family makes it convenient to schedule several appointments the same day. El Dorado dental knows that having a family dental office willing to accommodate multiple appointment times is important in choosing a dentist. 

Consistency of Care

There are many benefits to receiving consistent dental treatment from one provider for the entire family, especially for children. Having the younger watch older children show them that going to the dentist can be a good experience. Staying connected to a family dental practice provides the dentist with a dental history that will help them to provide advice to avoid problems like tooth decay for adults and children.  

Specialized Services Provided by El Dorado Dental

 NuCalm®…the all-natural way to experience a relaxing dental visit: a completely safe, calming, effective way to ease dental anxiety. NuCalm uses music to relax the patient. 

CEREC®: natural-colored ceramic fillings completed the same day, eliminating the need to make a return appointment. 

These are just a few of the many advantages of having a family dentist. 

Dental Implants: Whether you need a single tooth implant, complete upper or lower tooth replacement we specialize in taking care of all your tooth replacement needs. 


There are many advantages to having a  family dentist in Santa Fe that you can trust and count on for exceptional care. El Dorado Dental is a great choice for any family. Contact us to schedule an appointment, or just give us a call: (505) 466-0999