Best of Santa Fe 2020 Santa Fe Reporter

Eldorado Dental thanks you for nominating us on the best dentist and best business in Eldorado on the Best of Santa Fe 2020 Santa Fe Reporter! Final Voting begins May 1-31. Please help us make #1 this year, we truly appreciate you as a patient and we thank you for your patience and continued support

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ditch metal braces, clearcorrect, el dorado dental

Ditch Metal Braces – Why ClearCorrect is the Right Choice

Whether you’re an adult wanting straighter teeth or you’re looking for an orthodontia solution for your children, it’s time to ditch metal braces and look for a modern, subtle solution to crooked teeth. With ClearCorrect, you can have straighter teeth in a shorter amount of time, without the hassle of maintaining metal braces. Not only

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Best of Santa Fe 2019 Santa Fe Reporter

Thank you for nominating us on the Best of Santa Fe 2019 Santa Fe Reporter! Final Voting begins May 1-31. Please help us make #1 this year, we truly appreciate you as a patient and we thank you for taking your time to vote for us. Click on the link below to vote now.

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Kids Oral Care

Kids Oral Care: Tooth Truth

How important is kids oral care and what’s your role? Let’s talk about it! But first, let’s establish a foundational tooth truth.  Brushing teeth is not optional. You make your kids bathe, right? (Okay. The pool counts.) Kids oral health is especially important because not only are their teeth a valuable asset but by establishing

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Dental Stem Cells

Dental Stem Cells and Your Child’s Teeth

Regenerative Medicine Science is advancing in unprecedented ways. The field of regenerative medicine continues to research effective ways to use stem cells to treat many diseases like leukemia, type 1 diabetes and even Alzheimer’s. A stem cell is a master cell within the human body that contributes to regenerating or repairing tissue. There are four

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gum health

Gum Health: All About Gums

So, you think you’ve mastered dental care. You brush twice a day, use the best toothpaste money can buy and never ever skip your scheduled cleanings. You’re such a pro! Not that I want to put doubt in your mind, but are your really doing all you can do for your teeth? Have you forgotten

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NM candy exchange

What to do with all that Halloween Candy?

Ah, Halloween! Probably one of the most fun holidays of the year. Kids (and adults…we don’t judge) get to dress up and pretend to be scary, magical or something in between. They race through neighborhoods, collecting mountains of candy. And at the end of the night, they come home with their bounty, looking forward to

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invisible braces comparison

The Case for Clear Braces: An Invisible Braces Comparison

The magic of braces has fixed everything from crossbites, underbites, crooked smile or just plain old snaggle teeth. Those brackets, wires and rubber bands all work together to slowly move teeth into the proper place, giving the client the beautiful smile they want. While braces are incredibly beneficial, they aren’t necessarily the easiest procedure to

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