in-office teeth whitening system

El Dorado Dental Now Offers Sinsational Smile In-Office Teeth Whitening Services

in-office teeth whitening system

Imagine an in-office teeth whitening system that allows you to sit down for 20 minutes every few months in order to get an immediate 2 to 5 shade change that will make your teeth instantly brighter and more radiant. El Dorado Dental now offers the award-winning Sinsational smile to all of its patients. A convenient in-office treatment that is:

  • Quick
  • Easy
  • No sensitivity
  • Green certified
  • Effective

Quick, Simple, Impressive

Patients across the nation are raving about the Sinsational Smile teeth whitening solution. Sinsational Smile is the original 20-minute in-office tooth whitening system. One of the components of the system that makes whitening so fast is the pre-filled silicone tray. This advanced solution cuts out the excess time that it could take in order to facilitate the process. The tray allows the jaw to remain relaxed during the process so the patient can remain calm and comfortable. The technology within the treatment uses LED accelerating light that assists in the activation of the whitening ingredients at a rapid rate that exceeds any other treatment.

The prep time for the entire process only takes one minute. What this means is that you get in and out of your appointment in less than a half-hour so that you can go on about your day without skipping a beat.

The difference between a 1 and a 5 shade is substantially noticeable. Sinsational is the only guaranteed teeth whitening system that will get the job done in 20 minutes. Other popular brands that claim to be the best whitening systems can take from an hour to two hours in order to get any noticeable results.

With each treatment, the dentist will send the patient home with a take-home maintenance pen that will help to keep the smile brighter and happier for an extended amount of time.

Award-Winning #1 Among Dentists

Sinsational Smile has won several BEST in-office whitening system awards four years in a row. The Dental Advisor has raved about how amazing Sinsational Smile has been throughout the years for millions of patients. Sinsational Smile is the only Green Certified teeth whitening system on the planet. It has a 4+ rating by the Dental Advisors and has a 91% clinical rating. This all adds up to the fact that it is the top in-office teeth whitening system in the United States.

Zero Sensitivity

Over 98% of the patients that have experienced Sinsational Smile teeth whitening stated that they had absolutely no sensitivity issues when they received treatment. The developers that created Sinsational Smile had the goal of engineering an effective, affordable whitening treatment that was completely free of pain. There is no prep time that uses gingiva blocking or reactors. The whitening tray prohibits oxygen from reaching the teeth during the process allows the gel to maintain its efficacy for prolonged amounts of time without causing any zingers or burns. The end result is a comfortable, quick, and effective teeth whitening system that provides dazzling results.

Compliment Your Teeth Cleaning Procedures

This state-of-the-art teeth whitening system was designed to be beneficial in addition to semi-annual teeth cleaning procedures. For an additional 20 minutes after your regular teeth cleanings are performed by the dental hygienist, you can whiten your teeth on top of the healthy cleaning regimen. Sinsational Smile adds value and health to your already-in-place health plan for your dental hygiene.

The best thing about this entire procedure is that it is now available to you through the El Dorado Dental office. Contact us today for any questions, and to schedule your next appointment.