Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry provides new choices that will improve your dental health and help retain a youthful, natural looking smile. Why risk leaving a negative impression when modern cosmetic dentistry offers you options to correct a less perfect smile?

General Information

  • Cosmetic dentistry consists of different procedures to beautify and enhance your smile. Examples are whitening/bleaching the teeth, closing gaps or straightening crooked teeth with bonded composite resin fillings or porcelain crowns/veneers.
  • Depending on the procedure, cosmetic dentistry can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars and is usually NOT covered by dental insurance.
  • Braces are considered orthodontic treatment ( even though the outcome is usually a cosmetic improvement).


Whitening - Would you like a whiter, brighter smile?

How is it done? We may apply a whitening gel during an office visit, or give a custom-fitted tray to wear at home.

How long does it take? It depends on the severity of the discoloration. you may notice a difference after only a few applications.

Will it last? Whitened teeth can re-stain with exposure to certain foods and drink, smoking, and they can also darken over time. If so, touch-ups can help you maintain your smile at its brightest!

Veneers - Your smile is part of the impression you make!

A bright healthy smile says so much...

You pay attention to detail, expect the best life has to offer and believe that making an excellent impression is a priority. A healthy smile shows you have a healthy attitude about yourself. You don't have to live with a smile that's less than perfect. With advances in cosmetic dentistry, you can have a perfect smile in just a few hours with the Cerec (no waiting for two weeks).


Veneers create the perfect smile

Veneers are custom made-tooth colored porcelain laminates designed to cover the front portion of your tooth and are generally recommended to improve the following dental conditions:

  • Spaces between front teeth
  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Slightly crooked or poorly shaped teeth
  • Permanently stained teeth
  • Worn teeth

Veneers are customized to match the color of your existing teeth--or you may choose to create a whiter smile by combining tooth whitening with your new veneers. Spaces between teeth can be closed, stains and cracks disappear! In many cases, you can have a great smile with perfectly straight teeth in a matter of hours (Cerec) instead of the years required when straightening teeth with braces.

With our new technology Cerec, your veneers can be made and the procedure completed during your initial appointment. If you are getting your teeth whitened first then it may take two appointments to complete. Once completed, your veneers will feel like your own teeth--only better! Stains, chips and crooked teeth disappear and your left with a great looking smile and healthy natural looking teeth.


Your perfect smile creates confidence

Investing in your smile makes sense -- in today's world we want and need to look our best at all times. Be confidant in your ability to make a great impression by asking your dentist for the best options for you to create a youthful, healthy, natural smile. You'll find your new smile will open many doors -- so improve your smile and boost your prospects today!

Natural Color Fillings create natural, youthful smiles.

It's all about choices -- you can choose to keep the silver fillings that you've had since you were a child or return to a more youthful appearance by replacing old, discolored fillings. Today's cosmetic filling match your teeth so perfectly it will look like you've been cavity free for your entire life! A bright smile commands attention, can open doors to exciting opportunities and gives your self-confidence a boost.

Teeth dulled by old amalgam fillings don't reflect light, and may give the appearance of darkened gray teeth. No matter what your chronological age, you'll feel better if you look great. The image reflected back at you when you look in the mirror or out into the world influences how you feel about yourself and your life. Isn't it worth looking into the cosmetic options to approve the appearance of your smile?

Natural color fillings are barely there

If your dentist needs to restore a decayed tooth, you may want to ask about natural color fillings. Any surface area where a filling will be noticed may be a great location for a natural color filling. There made from resin composites blended to match the color of existing teeth.

The process of applying the natural color filling is similar to a traditional amalgam (silver) filling. The decay is removed and the tooth is prepared to accept the tooth-colored composite. The dentist applies several layers of the composite, which is chemically hardened and cured with a special light. The filling is then polished to complete the process.

Natural color fillings blend with surrounding teeth and enhance a bright, youthful appearance. No one will notice they're there--including you!

Decaying Mercury filling

You may want to consider replacing old, leaking amalgam fillings with new composite (natural color) fillings. You'll have a whiter smile that looks natural and blends with surrounding teeth. If the filling is small or in a visible area, your dentist may be able to replace it with a natural color filling, which will blend naturally into your smile. If the filling is large, your dentist might recommend a crown to cover and strengthen the tooth. If this is the case, ask your dentist about a porcelain crown if you want a cosmetic improvement in your smile.


Our Dentairvac is an air-filtration system that provides "At Source" containment and filtration of contaminated air often present during dental procedures such as filling removal (Mercury).

Project youth through your Smile

Your dentist is your best resource for information about your oral health and your cosmetic dentistry options. Ask about the many options modern cosmetic dentistry has to improve your look and your life!

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