Dental Stem Cells

Dental Stem Cells and Your Child’s Teeth

Regenerative Medicine

Science is advancing in unprecedented ways. The field of regenerative medicine continues to research effective ways to use stem cells to treat many diseases like leukemia, type 1 diabetes and even Alzheimer’s. A stem cell is a master cell within the human body that contributes to regenerating or repairing tissue. There are four types of stem cells, but the most well-researched and hopeful is the mesenchymal stem cell.


Mesenchymal Stem Cells are found in concentrated amounts in the dental pulp of teeth!  It’s a non-invasive way to bank your child’s stem cells through the natural loss of their baby teeth: the younger the teeth, the more youthful and healing the cell. Younger is better for cryopreservation. Imagine getting your stem cells at age 70 that were preserved when you were seven! Treat diseases, form tissues, reduce inflammation and experience wellness longevity like never before.

Benefits of Stem Cells

The short answer? Stem cells save lives. Stem cells can treat cancers like leukemia and other disorders, Type 1 diabetes, suppress inflammation, regenerate bone growth and other injuries by repairing damaged tissue. By banking teeth, your child will have the ability to use his stem cells in the future to repair disease – by working with your dentist to ensure the teeth are correctly extracted and processed through your dentist. Imagine being able to use your very own stem cells into adulthood to treat diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.


Store-A-Tooth partners with dentists to ensure your child’s teeth are correctly extracted, processed and stored using cryopreservation. When you need the stem cells, Store-A-Tooth will deliver the cells to the location of therapy.


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