Dental Damage Caused by Energy Drinks on Enamel – An Analysis by Sante Fe Dentistry Experts Eldorado Dental

The number of people who consume energy drinks is steadily increasing every day, which is very good news for the companies that make these products since they spend ridiculous amounts of money on their advertising/marketing campaigns. However, as far as the dental health of the people embracing energy drinks is concerned, the dental damage caused by energy drinks is absolutely shocking. People simply do not pay a lot of attention to what they are drinking and let’s face it, some of the energy drinks available in the market taste really good too. Eldorado dental care experts from Santa Fe, NM will show you what happens when you consume the same energy drinks. 

A lot of that is due to the sugar content that is present in these drinks and every good dentist including the dentist care in Santa Fe, will tell you that the amount of sugar content in most of them is way too high. Sugar however, is not the only thing to blame as the level of acidity in sports and energy drinks is also a big problem.

Citric acid is very commonly used in energy drinks both as a flavor enhancer, and as a preservative but numerous researchers have proven over the years that the damage citric acid causes to tooth enamel is not only ‘irreversible’, it also puts the teeth at an increased risk for cavities and decay. According to a study published by the Academy of General Dentistry, the fluoride levels and the pH levels of around a dozen of the leading brands of sports and/or energy drinks are all heavily linked to tooth decay.

In some cases it took as little as five days for the drinks that were analyzed to start damaging teeth. A significant percentage of our young population is completely hooked to these drinks.

Many teenagers consume several of them every day in order to simply boost energy levels or to improve their performance as far as sports are concerned. Many of them also believe that these drinks are better for them health wise as compared to other fizzy drinks and sodas.

What most parents will be very disturbed to know is the fact that when it comes to tooth decay, energy drinks are indisputably the worst offenders as they are essentially bathing their teeth with acid, which in turn causes erosion.

Have you been having a lot of energy drinks lately and feel you need to get your teeth checked to ensure that these drinks have not taken their toll on your smile, then get in touch with Eldorado Dental and let us help you smile again.