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Happiness is a Dental Visit Away

A recent Huffington Post article cited a National Geographic study which determined the happiest places to live in the  United States. They used metrics like the amount of civic engagement, financial security and…. how often people visited the dentist. And when you think about it, it just makes sense. Happy people need those pearly whites to look and feel their best. So, it’s no wonder that a great dental practice like Eldorado Dental, plays such a vital role in overall happiness. Here are some reasons why;
·      A healthy smile inspires confidence. It’s true, when you feel confident enough to let your smile shine, people notice. The best way to maintain a radiant smile is daily brushing and flossing and regular trips to the dentist.
·      Tooth aches drive away happiness. Nothing brings you down quite like dental pain and living with tooth and mouth pain can really drain the joy out of even the most enthusiastic person. Visiting the dentist at the first sign of pain can fix the problem and restore your happiness. If it aches, don’t wait, get to the dentist and get your happy back.
·      Those stained teeth don’t need to bring you down. Suffering from discolored teeth makes you want to hide your smile and put a kink in your happiness. Taking a trip to the dentist for a little whitening will make your teeth look better, you feel better and uncover that gorgeous smile.
·      A great dentist will help you overcome any fears you may have. Regular visits to the dentist can bring fear to many people, taking away their joy. Finding a good dentist and working with them to overcome fears will keep your mouth looking and feeling its best. Shop around for the right dentist to help you ditch the fear and keep the happy going.
·      Regular visits to the dentist help you get out there and make friends. That’s right, a healthy mouth and great smile helps you get out there and make friends. Mouth and teeth issues can stop you from being the social butterfly you were meant to be. Practicing great oral hygiene and seeing your dentist regularly can help you keep your beautiful smile and feel more social.
While it might not be the most obvious predicter of happiness, taking the time to visit your dentist and care for your smile is an important aspect in achieving overall joy.