Closys Non-Irritating RINSE

Closys Non-Irritating RINSE


If you have sensitive teeth or an all-around sensitive mouth, you are not alone. We understand. As dental professionals, we recommend CloSYS with Clorastan®. This naturally activated antimicrobial kills bad bacteria while allowing healthy bacteria to stay and protect you. While the war is going on in your mouth, you won’t feel a thing because even the most sensitive of mouths will not get irritated during the rinse.

CloSYS Ultra-Sensitive is a powerful, but gentle, oral rinse that provides effective cleaning and allows you to choose whether or not it has any flavoring. The optional flavoring platform allows you to add a little flavor, a lot of flavor, or zero flavor. It’s up to you, you are in control.

CloSYS Ultra-Sensitive Mouthwash has:

-No Alcohol
-No Dye
-No Triclosan
-No Sulfate
-No Gluten

Rest easy with CloSYS Ultra-Sensitive Oral Rinse with these amazing benefits:

-Perfect for people with sensitive mouths – pH balanced for dry and sensitive mouths, and helps to soothe sores in the mouth.
-When combined with brushing -plaque reduction for optimal oral health, helps maintain healthy gums.
-Effectively kills germs leaving the mouth fresh and clean without pain and irritation.
-No more bad breath – CloSYS was awarded the ADA Seal for removing bad breath, not just covering it up.

Patients all across the country use CloSYS Ultra Sensitive because it delivers a healthy, fresh mouth and gums without causing the burn and irritation that other mouthwashes do.