Cone Beam Computed Tomography

CBCT - Cone Beam Computed Tomography

Cone beam computed technology, also known as CBCT, is an advanced method of imaging that allows oral healthcare professionals to obtain 3D images of anatomical structures such as the head, mouth, teeth, jaws, and so on. This type of imaging can help to give the dentist a more precise diagnosis of issues and help to provide an effective treatment plan for each patient.

  • 3D Images provide a robust view of the oral area
  • The dentist can see issues clearly
  • Through detailed imaging, the dentist can quickly address issues

With the help of CBCT, it is possible to lessen the need for exploratory surgeries, improve the quality of treatment, give practitioners a better view of the patient’s needs, and ultimately lead to lowered overall costs.

CBCT imaging technology can be used for:

  • Examining tooth pain
  • Root canals
  • Tooth extractions
  • Assessing bone loss

CBCT uses ionized radiation. Even though the risk of radiation damage from exposure is low, it should only be used in situations that are overseen by a qualified health professional such as a doctor or a dentist. When using any type of radiation imaging method it is crucial that every precaution that can be taken in order to minimize radiation exposure should be taken. El Dorado Dental is committed to protecting the health and safety of all patients that come through the doors.


El Dorado Dental Introduces Axeos

One of the most important tools for a dentist to have is one that gives them a clear, complete view of the patient’s oral structure. The better the dentist can see what’s going on under the skin, the better they can diagnose and treat problems.

Axeos is an advanced technological system that provides 2D and 3D high-quality images. 

Dentists love it for their patients because it:

  • Provides clean, clear images
  • Is more comfortable for patients than traditional x-ray machines
  • Provides a whole panoramic view of the entire dental structure from end to end

Gone are the days when you are forced to wear a protective vest while biting down on a piece of plastic while the technician takes multiple shots from multiple positions.

The patient merely stands in the machine’s portal and holds the bars for a moment while the camera takes a whole image of the area that has been designated for imaging.

cbct axeos

Superior Imaging Capabilities

What makes Axeos the best solution for dental imaging is that it produces images that are beyond the normal range of quality. With clear, high-definition images there does not have to be any guesswork or endless X-ray retakes.

Axeos can use the images that it records to produce three-dimensional creations that show the whole image in perspective to where the teeth and gums are located in the patient's head. Not only is the image clear for the dentist to see, but it makes showing the patient where the problems are much easier.

The El Dorado Dental Difference

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