TMJ Disorders/Jaw Pain

General Information

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint. It is the jaw joint. TMJ disorder is when there are problems with the disc, bones, or surrounding tissues in the jaw joint. TMJ disorder can cause popping, clicking, locking, pain, difficulty opening your mouth, headaches and dizziness. Treating TMJ disorder typically involves taking images of the jointand making an orthotic dental appliance that takes pressure off the disc and allows the structures to decompress and heal. In some cases, orthodontics or oral surgery may be indicated.

Jaw pain can be caused by TMJ disorder, teeth grinding, cracke, broken, or decayed teeth or wisdom teeth trying to erupt. Hot, moist compresses applied to the side of the face on the jaw joint will provide temporary relief from jaw pain by relaxing the muscles and increasing blood flow in the area. Make a dental appointment right away if you are experiencing jaw pain as it could be a sign of infection that should be addressed ASAP.

We can set up a consultation to evaluate if you are a candidate for treating your temporomandibular joint pain.  We utilize digital scans to look at your joint and the space around it.  By decompressing the joint with an orthotic splint and allowing time for healing to occur, we can achieve functional healing.  Call us today for a consultation.


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