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The Best Dentist in Santa Fe Becomes your Hero

Let’s take a moment to ponder tooth pain. It’s 2:00 A.M. You are wide awake in your bed and your face is throbbing. During the day you felt a bit of discomfort and ignored it, so now…at this ugly hour, you are wide awake and in terrible pain. There is not much chance of a dentist in Santa Fe being open. It’s not quite bad enough to haul yourself to the emergency room, but you have accepted the fact that sleep will evade you tonight. Oh well, who needs sleep anyway…right?

Causes of Tooth Pain

Believe it or not, your tooth doesn’t actually cause pain itself. The nerves that are inside of it are the culprits. However, poor dental hygiene can cause cavities and other problems that expose those nerves and leave them vulnerable to the elements. When these nerves become agitated the pain can become excruciating and wreak havoc on your whole life.

Gingivitis and Periodontal Disease

Besides nerves, the pain can come from problems with the gums. Gingivitis is a gum disease that attacks the gums and eventually causes separation between the teeth and gums if it turns into periodontal disease. It is possible for the teeth to become extremely loose because of this condition. If you are on the verge of periodontal disease it can cause a lot of pain and some serious grief. Inflamed gums and exposed tooth roots are bad business for your mouth.


Sometimes a bacterial infection can attack the soft pulp inside of the tooth. This causes an abscess that will bring a whopping toothache. This abscess can grow into a marble-sized ball in the gumline that is in no way good for you. An abscess can turn into a very serious problem because it is an infection. If you feel you may have one you need to get it checked out as soon as possible.


In the grand scheme of things, all of the above-mentioned maladies can be avoided. Regular visits to your dentist will cut down your chances of ever having any of these problems. The best dentist office in Santa Fe is El Dorado Dental. Dr. Haley Ritchey, DDS is a phenomenal dentist that will stand by you and keep you protected from the dental horrors that you may endure by ignoring your teeth. Contact us and schedule a visit today.