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The Warning Signs of Tooth Decay

Without a thorough oral care routine, your teeth and overall dental health may be at risk. If you’re not flossing and brushing every day, and preferably twice per day, tooth decay can be a very real and very serious problem. The team at Eldorado dental is here to help you with all of your dental care needs here in Santa Fe.

To help you maintain your dental health, we’ve created this short guide to help you understand the signs of tooth decay. The earlier you detect decay, the easier it is to fix. Here are some of the top warning signs of tooth decay and what you should do if you notice any of these symptoms.


If you notice that your tooth starts to hurt without any clear reason, it may be a sign of tooth decay. Slow, onsetting toothaches that get worse over time are a good sign that your decay is worsening. Whether the decay is happening between your teeth or from the root of your teeth, you’ll probably experience consistent pain that worsens over time.

Any toothache should be taken seriously, so if you notice any pain you should reach out to the team at Eldorado Dental to set up an appointment.

Sensitivity to Cold and Heat

While general sensitivity to cold or heat may not directly indicate tooth decay, if you’re suddenly sensitive to food and drinks that you weren’t previously sensitive to, decay may be the cause. As your tooth decays, the outer protective layer of your teeth can become worn down. This layer, called the enamel, is what keeps cold and heat from impacting the nerves in your teeth.

The thinner your enamel becomes, the more sensitive your teeth will be. Sudden, intense sensitivity to hot and cold may also be a sign of tooth damage. If you’re having issues with hot or cold food and drinks, it’s time to see the team at Eldorado Dental in Santa Fe.

Dark Stains

Another common sign of severe decay is dark staining or discoloration of a tooth. As the tooth decays, the root and nerves on the inside begin to die. Blood flow is then cut off from the tooth, which can turn the tooth dark gray or black. If you have one or multiple teeth that are discolored, let the team at Eldorado Dental help you with all of your dental needs.

What Causes Tooth Decay?

There are multiple causes of tooth decay, but the most common cause of tooth decay is cavities. It doesn’t take much effort to prevent cavities.  If you’re not regularly brushing, flossing, and seeing your dentist, you may be at risk for cavities that lead to full decay.  Smoking is a common cause of tooth decay as well.

When to See Eldorado Dental

If you experiencing any of these symptoms connect with El Dorado Dental to help identify the issue.