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Cosmetic Dentist Shares Facts About Cosmetic Dentistry

What a Cosmetic Dentist in Santa Fe Has to Say

El Dorado Dental, home of the best cosmetic dentist in Santa Fe, cares about your dental health. It’s completely natural to think about the appearance of your smile, and cosmetic dentistry has existed in society for thousands of years. While more advanced procedures like veneers are of recent times, things like crowns and fillings have a history all the way back to 700 B.C. Studies show that having a healthy smile affects both your social and professional confidence. When you first think of cosmetic dentistry procedures, you probably think of teeth whitening and veneers. There are so many more facets to cosmetic dentistry than those few key procedures, and that is we are here to show you! 

Cosmetic Dentist Procedures Can Also Help Keep Your Smile Healthy

Smaller-scale dental issues can turn into cosmetic needs if left untreated, for example, a cavity can be filled with a color that blends with the tooth for a seamless cosmetic fix. Procedures like bridges and tooth bonding are also considered to be cosmetic and are brought on by untreated tooth decay. Loss of teeth can also be a result of this, causing more serious issues like facial bone loss and gum disease. Keeping your smile pearly and bright will also keep your teeth healthy and prevent these more serious side effects. There are ways to do preventative cosmetic dental work on your own, like limiting the intake of soda and other sugary drinks. Did you know that soda is the number one cause of tooth discoloration and decay? Reducing the amount of soda you drink can definitely prevent future needed procedures.

Kicking the Yellow

Yellowing teeth is a cosmetic issue we have all dealt with at one time or another. Having a yellow tone to your teeth doesn’t necessarily mean they are unhealthy, it could simply be caused by stains from coffee, smoking, etcetera. An avid coffee drinker with even the best oral hygiene would have a hard time keeping their teeth shiny and bright. Whitening teeth can help remove these stains, but the older and deeper the stain, the harder to remove. Porcelain veneers don’t stain the same way as our normal teeth and could be the better option for someone with deep stains wanting a brighter smile. Veneers are a more permanent solution for not only staining, but cracks, chips, and gaps. They don’t hold a stain like our natural teeth, so your pearly whites will be longer lasting than a professional tooth whitening service. 

Cosmetic Dentistry Unique to You

No dentistry is one size fits all, and finding a cosmetic dentist that will personalize your treatment to fit your needs is essential. El Dorado Dental has a talented and dedicated staff, determined to find the perfect dental plan for you. They offer everything from cosmetic prosthetics to family dentistry and preventative care. They also offer deluxe medspa service Botox Juvederm, keeping the rest of your face as beautiful and youthful as your smile. Santa Fe Dental is a one-stop-shop for dental health for the whole family, and they are dedicated to giving you the best dental experience around.