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Flash that Dazzling Smile – National Smile Month

There is always a reason to celebrate (we like National Smile Month), and with twelve months in a year, there are twelve ways to recognize unique events year-long. For instance, did you know that July is considered Hot Dog and Pancake month (although you probably should celebrate those separately)?

Or that November is World Vegan Month (sorry Thanksgiving) and April is National Car Care Awareness Month? It seems there is something fun or even practical to celebrate every single month. But this month is near and dear to my heart. I, Haley Ritchey DDS. Love June because it’s National Smile Month.

I know, I might be a little biased but what’s not to love about sharing a gorgeous smile? So, in honor of National Smile Month, I have compiled some facts about and ways to protect that smile of yours:

* Feeling better is only a smile away! That’s right, the simple act of smiling can help you feel better, more relaxed and even happier. So, share that smile.

* For a good clean choose a soft bristle brush. A simple, soft-bristle brush will give your teeth a thorough cleaning. If you need a medium bristle, be sure to be gentle as you brush. Hard bristles are best used for removing rust from metal or cleaning grout.

* There is more than one type of smile. Researchers found out that there are nineteen different types of smile. From social smiling to love, or genuine happy smiling, they each have a purpose.

* For a whiter and brighter smile, see your dentist. Teeth whitening is an effortless way to refresh your smile with whiter teeth. It’s a simple procedure with fast results that can leave you with the brighter teeth you’ve been hoping for.

* A good smile can de-escalate tense situations. Having problems with a co-worker? Greet them with a genuine smile. Showing genuine happiness through facial expression is a wonderful way to calm tensions…or make them wonder what you have planned.

* Tartar control leads to healthier teeth and healthy teeth make for beautiful smiles. Twice-yearly cleanings not only remove tartar they preserve tooth health. Healthy teeth just look better when you give a smile.

The dental experts at Eldorado Dental know how to protect teeth and restore smiles to their full brilliance. In honor of National Smile Month, give us a call and see what we can do for your gorgeous smile.