dentist back to school

Get that Smile Back-to-School Ready!

dentist back to school

The summer has come and is quickly on its way out. You and your family have spent time at the lake, ocean, river, waterpark, picnic, fireworks show and everything in between. You’ve had so much fun with your kids…maybe too much. Now that school is starting, you feel that sense of hope returning. You find yourself smiling at the memories, but are ready to send your child out the door for school.

Getting the perfect backpack and right amount of pencils is a breeze to get life back into the swing of things. There is, however, one thing many parents don’t plan for and it’s kind of important.

Eldorado Dental is here to remind you that as you get erasers, crayons, paper and binders for your children you also need to get their teeth ready for the school year.

The end of summer is the perfect time to bring your son, daughter or the entire family in for a dental checkup and cleaning. Think of it like back-to-school for everyone’s teeth.

Start by making an appointment. For younger children, talk to them about what to expect at the dentist’s office. Mention how important it is to get teeth checked regularly to keep them strong and healthy. Notify the dentist if any of your children are nervous, they can take extra steps to ensure they feel comfortable. Bringing a comfort toy/item doesn’t hurt either.

Be sure your children brush and floss before your appointment to present clean teeth. It’s easier for the dentist and hygienist to work on a clean surface and spot any problem areas. Don’t forget to mention any issues your children might be having with their teeth.

Use this opportunity to make a fun day out of the dentist visit. A quick stop at a favorite store or even the park before or after the visit will give your kids something to look forward to.

Getting back to school is a yearly right of passage for kids everywhere. Don’t just stop at school supplies for your family, get them to the dentist to keep those teeth strong and healthy.