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Gum Health: All About Gums

So, you think you’ve mastered dental care. You brush twice a day, use the best toothpaste money can buy and never ever skip your scheduled cleanings. You’re such a pro! Not that I want to put doubt in your mind, but are your really doing all you can do for your teeth? Have you forgotten about your…gums? If you have forgotten about your gums, don’t worry, they will remind you, and in some of the most unfortunate ways. Finding the best dentist in Santa Fe won’t help you save your gums if you are ignoring them at home. So, for the best in dental care, you must spend some time on your gum health. Also, here’s some more information about the gums that will motivate you to keep them clean.


The gums are also known as the gingiva and are part of the soft tissue that lines the inside of the mouth.

They cover the root structure of the teeth and protect them from trauma or decay.

Unhealthy gums can be an indicator that there are other problems with the body.

Many times, hygienists and dentists will use the gums as a guide to suggest a patient seek further medical investigation if they look ill, but the patient seems fine.

Healthy gums appear a lovely shade of pink or a darker shade for those with darker skin tones.

When gums appear red or even white, this can be a sign of irritation that can lead to further gum disease.

Healthy gums look like they have little ridges or scallops on the edges around each tooth.

The ridges should fit snuggly to the tooth and protect the tooth root from invasion from food particulates.

Healthy gums should be firm and resist movement.

This helps them in covering the root system. Unhealthy gums are easier to move and may even appear swollen or puffy.

According to the CDC, half of Americans have periodontal disease.

Good news though! Periodontal disease can be halted by the simple acts of daily brushing with a soft toothbrush, daily flossing, cutting sugar intake and keeping regular dental visits and cleanings.


So, the gums aren’t just there to make our smile more interesting, they really make out smiles possible. Take the time to care for your gums as well as your teeth. Your smile will look gorgeous and your gum health will be superb.