NM candy exchange

What to do with all that Halloween Candy?

Ah, Halloween! Probably one of the most fun holidays of the year. Kids (and adults…we don’t judge) get to dress up and pretend to be scary, magical or something in between. They race through neighborhoods, collecting mountains of candy. And at the end of the night, they come home with their bounty, looking forward to the days (weeks…months…) of candy eating. What’s not to love about Halloween?


Eldorado dental (and me, Dr. Haley Ritchey) don’t want to sound prudish nor do we want to be a major buzz kill, but Halloween isn’t the best holiday. I mean, we love the fun and the costumes and the cute kids shouting, –“Trick or treat!” –we just don’t like all that candy. Candy is fine in moderation, but Halloween causes moderation to go flying out the window like a witch on a broomstick.

As most of you know, sugar is the enemy to healthy teeth. The mouth is full of good and bad bacteria and there is a constant struggle for balance. When sugar is introduced, like with Halloween candy, the bad bacteria then starts to destroy teeth. Next, you’ll be left with;

Tooth decay…cavities…drilling…fillings…sadness.

We really don’t want you or your kids to go through that so Eldorado Dental is offering a fantastic opportunity to part with your excess candy, make a little green and make our service men and women smile.

Eldorado Dental is hosting a Candy Exchange the first week of November. That’s right, just bring that candy in and exchange it for money or fun gifts. We will be sending all the goodies to Operation Gratitude and sent overseas to our men and women in the armed forces. Just think of it! Thousands of men and women serving our country in foreign lands get a little taste of home.

It’s that simple!

  1. Send out the kids to get as much candy as they can carry
  2. Come home and go through it to pick out a few favorites
  3. Bring the rest of the candy to Eldorado Dental
  4. Exchange the candy for money or gifts
  5. Candy gets donated and makes our men and women in uniform feel loved
  6. Go home with a good feeling and some cool stuff

Enjoy Halloween and collect that candy. When you are done, bring it on by. Candy exchange will be the first week of November (November 5-9, 2018) at Eldorado Dental 1 Caliente Rd. Ste E. We look forward to seeing you!