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It’s Not a Fairytale. Affordable Dental Solutions in Santa Fe Are For Real

El Dorado Dental, your go-to place for affordable dental solutions in Santa Fe may seem like a tall tale but it is as real as you are. Dr. Haley Ritchey, DDS believes in taking care of her patients and building relationships that last. Other places may make it a point to get every cent out of each person that visits the office, but it is not like that at El Dorado Dental, we are here to help.

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If you are tired of the runaround and just need to find a fantastic dental solution with affordable prices look no further. El Dorado Dental has been in the business for quite some time and has an established group of professionals that truly care about your health. Schedule an appointment today and see for yourself

True Stories

If you take a look at the testimonials page you see words like “affordable, impressed, joy, pain-free, confident, knowledgeable, awesome…” and many more. If you look closer you can see that these words are used by many different people that have all been to El Dorado Dental and loved it. Many of these people are regular patients that keep coming back and highly recommend Dr. Haly Ritchey. There are many reasons why so many people truly love El Dorado Dental and keep coming back. One of those reasons for everybody is that we provide excellent, affordable dental solutions that prove we think highly of our patients.

Real Care

El Dorado Dental is a dental practice that combines over 31 years of experience and knowledge with real compassion and care. Over the years we have helped many people of all ages achieve the utmost bill of oral health and defy deadly health issues that are caused by poor dental hygiene. Because we offer affordable dental solutions Santa Fe patients keep more money in their pockets as well. Terrific health? More money in the bank? What more could you ask for?