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Santa Fe Dental Patients are Blown Away By This

Many Santa Fe dental patients are blown away by the health risks involved with insufficient dental care. El Dorado Dental, a Santa Fe dental provider, put together this list in hopes to bring awareness to people who don’t understand the importance of proper dental hygiene practices. A little bit of love and attention to your teeth a couple of times a day could truly save your life.

Overall Health

Many people are unaware of the fact that dental health affects the entire body. Tooth decay, plaque buildup, and bacteria in the mouth all play significant parts in the balance of whole-body health. If your body is out of balance, you can put yourself at risk of getting sick. The better you take care of your teeth, the better they will take care of you. Your teeth and gums are directly connected to your bloodstream and your bloodstream is the highway that flows throughout your entire body – including your heart and brain.

Brain Decay

Did you know that Alzheimer’s Disease is linked to poor dental health? It appears that gum disease from Gingivitis can contribute to the chances of a person developing dementia. This brings dental care to a whole new level. It is bad enough to get cavities and endure horrible tooth pain but to develop a debilitating brain condition that will most likely kill you is crazy. The next time you forget to brush and floss, think about that.

Chest Pains

Another health risk that has been associated with poor dental hygiene is heart disease. Although some scientists and doctors disagree on how big a role dental care plays in the causes that lead to heart disease, there is evidence that periodontal disease contributes to inflammation, which in turn contributes to heart disease. Proper dental care plays a significant role in the prevention of periodontal disease. Good oral care will prevent gum disease so tooth care also means heart care.


Believe it or not, failure to brush and floss can result in pneumonia. It turns out that some of the bacteria that will grow in your mouth because of poor dental hygiene can actually send you to the hospital and put you in the intensive care unit. By practicing daily oral care and getting regular dental checkups you can lower the risk of contracting pneumonia. By remembering to brush and floss those choppers regularly, you are literally saving your own life.

Erectile Dysfunction

Even if you smell good, have lots of muscles and good hair, what good will it do you if you can’t perform? Studies have proven that not enough attention to oral health can cause erectile dysfunction. Periodontal disease is the one factor that links all of these health problems to poor dental hygiene. Brushing your teeth every day will decrease your odds of becoming afflicted with a life-threatening disease. It is true that erectile dysfunction is not deadly, however, the inflammation that causes E.D. can cause other problems that can turn deadly. Taking good care of your teeth is part of the essential balance that brings optimum health to the life of a human being.

Take Care of Your Teeth

El Dorado Dental is home to the best dental expert team in Santa Fe. They bring the highest-quality dental services in all of New Mexico. There is no reason for anybody to walk around with poor dental hygiene. Let us help save your life! Give us a call at (505) 466-0999 or contact us today and set an appointment.