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El Dorado Dental Santa Fe – Location, Location, Location

El Dorado Dental – Location, Location, Location

A confession is necessary…

No, it’s not about some hidden loot left over from a bank robbery or a past crime lurking in the background. This confession is a little different. You see, your favorite dentist, Haley Ritchey DDS, and El Dorado Dental isn’t actually in Santa Fe.

Take a moment to compose yourselves….

El Dorado Dental is located about seven minutes south of Santa Fe. Now you may wonder if it’s worth the trip. The extra time! The distance! The Driving! But…is seven extra minutes really too much to get the best dentist and dental work in the area? NO!

El Dorado Dental is worth the trip because:

* We see everyone! Young, old, middle-aged, age-less or hiding your age, we really do see everyone. From pediatric to everyday customers, we provide the best dental care in the area for the entire family.

* It’s ONLY a seven-minute drive. While we might not be in the heart of Santa Fe, we are only a seven-minute drive from the city. And what a drive it is! The short drive south lets you get out of the busy city and drive past the beauty of the surrounding hills and landscape. What better way to meet the dentist than relaxed from a short scenic drive.

* Most insurances accepted. There is nothing more aggravating than going to a dentist you think is approved by your carrier only to find that they aren’t. El Dorado Dental accepts a wide variety of dental plans and carriers. Not sure if we accept your insurance? Give us a call and see. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

* More than just a dentist. El Dorado Dental does all the stuff the other dentists do and so much more. Along with the dental procedures, we also have spa services that provide Botox, Juvéderm, and other facial treatments like chemical peels. All this and the best cosmetic dentist in Santa Fe, NM will leave you looking as good as your teeth will feel after the work is done.

While El Dorado Dental may not be in the heart of the city, we are definitely close. A short, scenic drive, a dentist for everyone, most insurances welcome, spa treatments along with dental work—We really do have it all. Take that short drive to the best dentist around.