The Dangers of DIY Dentistry

I just love do-it-yourself shows! You know, when a couple buys a run-down home and works to fix it up themselves, they end up with a mansion and increase their property value by 500%. However much we may love to do tasks ourselves there are some things that should not be attempted by yourself. I’m talking about DIY dentistry. From New York to the best dentist in Santa Fe, no dentist that’s worth their tartar scraper would ever suggest DIY dentistry. It really should be self-explanatory as to why this is a terrible idea, but if it’s not, lets go over some of the reasons why DIY dentistry is a really bad idea.

  • You don’t know what you’re doing.

No matter how much DIY dentistry videos you watch on YouTube or how many dental instruments you’ve purchased, you haven’t been through dental school and you aren’t qualified to work on yourself. Trying to work on your own teeth will lead to problems that you will cost more to fix than seeing the dentist in the first place.

  • That guy at the mall and on that website don’t know what they’re doing either.

Mall kiosks offering quick and easy dental solutions like teeth whitening for a cheaper price can be dangerous. These set-ups are not always run by professionals and are using instruments and chemicals with minimal training. The same goes for on-line orthodontic services. Again, these newer DIY dentistry practices aren’t always regulated and are run by business professionals not medical professionals. If you need whiter, straighter teeth, avoid the internet and the mall and visit your dentist instead. Your dentist knows how to get the right results safely.

  • You will damage your mouth.

Trying to perform even minor dental work on yourself or having a “buddy” help you out is a recipe for disaster. Without proper training and practice, you are introducing instruments and procedures to your mouth that can have some serious backlash. Tooth loss, tooth damage, gum damage, and infection are only some of the things you could be facing if you opt for your own skill rather than relying on a qualified dentist. Don’t do it! Your smile is too pretty to ruin in lieu of saving a couple dollars on DIY dentistry.

I can’t stress this enough! Leave the dental work to the dentist. They are trained professionals with years of experience and can help you more than DIY dentistry. If money is an issue, talk to your dentist and work out an arrangement to get the work you need. Leave the DIY to house flippers and go see the dentist.