Best Dentist in Santa Fe

Who is the Top Dentist in Santa Fe?

No doubt about it, hands down, the top dentist in Santa Fe is Dr. Haley Ritchey with El Dorado Dental. The El Dorado Dental team has over 31 years of experience in caring for people that have dental and cosmetic needs. Dr. Haley Ritchie herself started her quest to better the dental needs of humankind in 1997. Her passion for bringing out the best in people catapulted her into the fantastic office that she provides dental services out of today. El Dorado Dental.


Top Family Dentistry in Santa Fe

El Dorado Dental understands the ever-changing needs of a growing family. From the early stages of childhood when they first need dental help, to the time where teeth begin to fade away as the years pass. Dr. Haley Rithcey runs the kind of practice where all are safe and welcome. What makes her the top dentist in Santa Fe is that she actually cares about the safety and well-being of every patient young, old, or in between. El Dorado Dental provides solutions for all dental needs.


Top Cosmetic Dentistry in Santa Fe

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry El Dorado Dental is the best place to visit. Because Dr. Haley Ritchey is the top dentist in Santa Fe, it is a no-brainer that her office would provide the utmost care when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. Your teeth are important. Make sure that when you get them worked on that the people that are doing the work care as much about your smile as you do. El Dorado Dental does just that. Your smile is very important to them, so don’t settle for less.


Top Spa Services in Santa Fe

El Dorado Dental provides premium spa services. On top of the phenomenal dental care that Dr. Haley Rithcy already brings to the table, this amazing dental practice adds the option that defies the natural aging process and brings suppleness back to places where it has begun to slip away.


El Dorado Dental is the Top Dental Office in Santa Fe

Whatever your dental needs are, visit El Dorado Dental and get the care that you deserve. Although we are amidst a global pandemic at this time, we are taking every precaution we can to ensure the safety of our patients as well as our staff. Contact us and schedule an appointment today. It is our goal to keep you as safe, and as healthy as we possibly can.